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Pallet Live Storage

Live Storage Pallet Racking system (FIFO), designed for warehouses prioritizing stock turnover management and space efficiency, features a streamlined structure with linear roller beds on each level, facilitating smooth sliding of load units due to a slight incline.

This system operates on the FIFO (first in, first out) principle, with the loading zone positioned opposite to the unloading area. Goods move between these areas using roller beds arranged to form an inclined rail.

In addition to Live Pallet Racking FIFO, there's Push-Back Racking LIFO, which employs the LIFO system (last in, first out). This setup features a single point for both loading and unloading. Goods are stored by pushing earlier items towards the rear.

How it does work

The system functions based on the FIFO (first in, first out) concept, where the loading section faces the unloading area. Movement of goods between these zones is facilitated by roller beds configured in an inclined rail.

Complementing the Live Pallet Racking FIFO is the Push-Back Racking LIFO, utilizing the LIFO (last in, first out) method. This configuration involves a singular point for loading and unloading, with goods stored by pushing preceding items towards the rear.

Advantages of the Live Storage Pallet Racking system

The Live Storage Pallet Racking FIFO offers several benefits, including compactness, time efficiency, and effective stock management:

  1. Reduced loading and unloading durations.
  2. Enhanced storage capacity in warehouses equipped with adjustable pallet racking.
  3. Reduced risks for operators with loading and unloading aisles.
  4. Automation potential for the pallet racking system.
  5. Space optimization through high-density storage, maximizing storage capacity within the same area.
  6. Ideal for product rotation, particularly suitable for FIFO systems.
  7. Swift and straightforward removal process, minimizing load maneuvering and extraction times.
  8. Uninterrupted traffic flow as forklift trucks can access load units through separate loading and unloading aisles.
  9. Versatility in accommodating various space layouts and merchandise sizes or weights.
  10. Enhanced safety features including brake rollers, pallet centring systems, and pallet stops.
  11. Improved stock control with each loading aisle designated for a single product reference.
  12. Compatibility with other automatic and conventional storage systems.
  13. Ability to utilize the same type of forklift trucks as those used in adjustable pallet racking setups.
  14. Lower operating costs due to efficient space utilization.

Main applications for Live Storage Pallet Racking FIFO

Live Storage Pallet Racking systems, particularly the FIFO variant, are highly recommended for the following scenarios:

  1. Storage of perishable goods due to its effective stock management system, ensuring older items are prioritized for removal.
  2. Warehouses in sectors like Food, Medicine, Cosmetics, or industries with rapidly changing products.
  3. Intermediate or transition zones within warehouses to facilitate quick movement of unit loads.
  4. Order picking, waiting, or dispatch areas where Live Pallet Racking FIFO aids in smooth goods flow.
  5. Installation in warehouses equipped with cold rooms or freezing chambers.