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Light Duty Shelving

Thinking of what you can do of all the space you have even in a
warehouse, a small room or an archive, the light duty system gives you the best usage,
with the ability to adjust, customize or relocate the units, taking in consideration the
variety of loads and dimensions that fits your needs,
Presented in two main groups:
1- Smart units: The perfect option for small weight storing; Load up to 50kg/ shelf and
height up to 3m.
2- Basic units: The choice of more load with the best price; Load up to 150kg/ shelf and
height up to 4m.
The unit components are:
A- Slotted angle, cross section 4x4 cm or 4x8 cm, comes with the desired height:
4 angles for the single unit,
6 angles for the double connected unit,
8 angles for the triple connected unit.
B- Rectangle shelf, standard width 90 cm, with variant depth 30, 40 0r 60 cm
4 or 5 shelves for the 2m height,
5 or 6 shelves for the 2.5m height,
6 or 7 shelves for the 3m height,
7 or 8 shelves for the 4m height.

light duty system