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Lockers & Metal Cabinets

In daily modern life, in factories, warehouses, or schools and hospitals, even in gym, sports club and beach, or wherever people can go, we all need our personal tier to leave things in; it is Zawaya lockers, the premium solution that is divided in columns and tiers matching your needs, available in a diversity of colors.

As part of our Locker Units, Zawaya introduces for you “Zawaya Office Units”.
Office units include chest of drawers, cabinets, shelf storage walls and shelving systems.
They are versatile solutions to keep archives, inventories and tools well organized.

Our products come to offer you:
- Secured genuine premium key locking.
- Hangers, separators, and dividers for better organizing.
- Movable units with the best accessories.
- Smooth handling of materials reduction of search time.
- Best use of space.