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Companies selling metal shelves in Egypt

Zawaya Company is the best place to sell metal warehouse shelves in Egypt

In the modern business world, warehouse management is a critical element in ensuring smooth supply and distribution operations. Metal shelves are an effective solution to improve the organization and arrangement of inventory within warehouses. Having a sturdy and organized shelving system not only enhances the effectiveness of daily operations but also contributes to maintaining the quality and safety of inventory.

Companies and institutions seek to modernize and improve the arrangement of their warehouses to make the most of available space and reduce additional costs. In this context, metal shelves play a vital role. Investing in metal shelving systems is key to achieving efficient organization, easy access to products, and increased productivity of inventory operations.

Zawaya Company has a leadership position as one of the most prominent companies selling metal shelves in Egypt. The company offers a distinguished range of metal solutions and products intended for companies and institutions in various sectors. Our metal shelving is an essential part of industrial and commercial setups, playing a vital role in improving the organization and storage of products and materials. These shelves contribute to saving space and achieving efficiency and effectiveness in the daily operations of companies and institutions.

Advantages of Zawaya Company

Zawaya offers a wide variety of products: Zawaya Company is distinguished by offering a variety of metal shelves, manufactured with high quality and in multiple designs. This diversity allows customers to choose solutions that meet their unique needs and requirements.

Quality and Durability: Zawaya products have high standards of quality and durability, as they are manufactured using high-quality metal materials, which ensures that they withstand severe use and the continuity of the investment for long periods.

Practical and modern design: Zawaya aims to provide modern and practical designs for metal shelves, which facilitates the arrangement and organization processes and adds aesthetic value to the spaces in which they are placed.

After-sales services: The company provides distinguished after-sales services, including professional delivery and installation, periodic maintenance, and providing the necessary technical support for customer convenience.

Metal shelves for sale in Egypt

Metal shelves for sale in Egypt

Metal shelves contribute significantly to improving the performance of operations and organizing spaces in various industries and companies. These racks are a vital and essential part of the industrial and commercial equipment structure, providing a variety of practical benefits:

Efficient organization: Metal shelves enable materials and products to be arranged neatly, making them easier to find quickly and enhancing efficiency in inventory management. Optimal utilization of space: These shelves enable the maximum utilization of spaces, whether narrow or wide, allowing them to be installed in different locations within warehouses. Reliable protection: Metal shelves provide effective protection for materials and products, withstanding heavy loads and resisting wear and tear. Enhance Productivity: These shelves facilitate access and storage, enhancing productivity and speeding up daily operations. Sustainability: Thanks to their quality and durability, metal shelves are a sustainable choice and provide a long-term investment. Improving production processes: Metal shelves contribute to improving production processes by providing an organized and suitable environment for storing and retrieving products effectively.

Metal shelves for sale from Zawaya Company

Metal shelves constitute an essential and vital element in the context of storing and organizing spaces within factories and companies. These shelves are strong and durable, making them able to bear heavy weights and protect materials and products from damage. Metal shelves are an effective and safe option for storing materials in an organized manner.

Zawaya Company stands out as a leader in the field of selling metal shelves in Egypt. The company provides metal shelves that are durable and strong, ensuring their sustainability and excellent performance in the long term.

Besides the quality of products, Zawaya shows a commitment to providing integrated and diversified storage solutions to meet the needs of various companies and industries. The company's innovative and practical designs have the potential to enhance organization and improve efficiency in material and product management.

By providing high-quality metal shelves, companies can rely on Zawya to meet their storage and organization needs in an efficient and professional manner. The company always strives to provide the best services and products to its customers to achieve excellence in the metal shelving market in Egypt.

Manufacture of metal shelves

How are metal shelves manufactured?

The metal shelving manufacturing process includes several steps to transform raw metal materials into strong and durable shelves. These steps vary slightly depending on the type of metal used and the design of the shelves, but can be summarized in the following steps:

Preparation of raw materials: The metal sheets are cut into specific sizes and shapes according to the racking design. Forming and bending: Sheets are formed using machines and equipment designated to form the basic parts of the shelves. Welding: The various parts of the shelves are carefully welded to ensure cohesion and durability. Surface Treatment: The manufacturing process may include a surface treatment stage to improve appearance and protect shelves from corrosion. Assembly: Parts are assembled individually to form the final shelves ensuring stability. Quality Inspection: Quality tests are performed to verify that the shelves meet specifications and are of quality and durability. Packaging: Carefully packaged to protect shelves during shipping and transportation.

With these steps, metal shelves are manufactured efficiently and organized to meet the storage and organization needs of factories and companies. Zawaya Company seeks to fulfill these needs by providing high-quality and durable metal shelves that meet safety and performance standards.


Types of metal warehouse shelves

Types of metal shelves

Types of metal shelves vary widely, including:

  • Display shelves hung on the walls
  • Retail store shelves
  • Warehouse and store shelves with a system: Selective Pallet Racking System
  • File and office archiving shelves: Mobile Shelves System
  • Metal shelving system: medium duty shelving and long span shelving
  • Metal racking system: Tire Racking System

This diverse assortment of metal shelves meets different storage and display needs, whether in homes, stores, or warehouses, providing an effective solution for organizing and maximizing space.

How to install metal shelves

Installing metal shelves depends on the type and design of the shelf, as well as the walls or surfaces on which it will rest. There are several ways to install metal shelves, including:

  1. Installation with screws: Shelves can be mounted on the walls using nails and a screwdriver. Holes are drilled in the wall and the shelf is then fixed with screws to ensure stability.
  2. Screw installation: This involves attaching the shelves using special screws known as “suspension bars”. Hanging rods are installed on the wall or ceiling, and then the shelves are hung on them using screws or specialized hardware.
  3. Installation using drawers: If there are drawers in the shelf, the shelf can be installed using the drawers mounted on the wall. This involves placing the drawers on the wall and attaching them with nails or screws.
  4. Installation with metal posts: Metal posts are used as support for metal shelves. The posts are fixed to the wall or floor, then the shelves are placed on the posts and secured with nails or screws.
  5. Installation using wall clips: Wall clips are used to mount shelves on walls without the need to drill holes. These clips have screws or a lock to secure the shelf to the wall.

The installation process requires precision and professionalism to ensure the stability and safety of the shelves. It may be best to hire a professional to carry out the installation process correctly and safely, ensuring that the shelves meet requirements and can withstand varying loads.

Metal warehouse shelves

The correct steps for choosing a company that sells metal shelves

Choosing a metal shelving company requires careful attention and care to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and experienced partner. Here are some items to consider when choosing a metal shelving company:

  • Quality and durability: Check the quality of the materials used in manufacturing the shelves and their weight tolerance. Shelves should be sturdy and sturdy to meet your storage needs.
  • Design and Variety: Choose a company that offers shelves in a variety of designs to suit different storage needs. It should have a wide variety of shelves of different sizes and heights.
  • Consulting services: It is preferable to deal with a company that provides consulting services to help you choose the optimal solutions for your storage system.
  • Delivery and installation: Make sure that the company provides efficient delivery and installation services, to avoid the hassle of dealing with these operations separately.
  • Ratings and Opinions: Read reviews of the company from previous customers. These opinions can provide you with a better understanding of the quality of service and products offered.
  • Cost and Pricing: Compare metal shelving prices at different companies and check if they fit your budget.
  • Communication and Technical Support: Check the level of customer support and communication with the company. The company should be available to answer your inquiries and provide technical support when needed.

By choosing Zawaya Company, you can obtain an efficient and sustainable storage system that meets your business needs.

Metal shelves prices

Metal shelving prices vary based on many factors such as specifications, size, and quality. You can find a wide variety of prices depending on your needs, but in general:

  • Simple Warehouse Racking: Prices for this type of racking start at low levels and depending on size and sturdiness, they can be in a reasonable range.
  • Supermarket and store shelves: Prices vary depending on design type and specifications. Island shelves, wall shelves, or custom shelves can be relatively expensive.
  • Industrial storage racks: These racks are often designed to hold heavy weights and are naturally more expensive.
  • Technologically advanced storage racks: If they have technologies like monitoring control system and electrically adjustable shelves, these racks may be more expensive.
  • Additional cost: Accessories such as adjustable shelves or electronic locks can increase the cost of shelving.

It is important to consider the quality of materials and design when comparing prices. You may need to inquire directly with the manufacturers or racking suppliers to get an accurate quote based on your actual needs.